iNetwall Link Aggregator

iNetwall link aggregator help networks face the challenge of delivering fast and reliable service to their users. In order to meet these demands, iNetwall link aggregator networks can utilize various strategies to increase bandwidth, eliminate downtime, and improve performance.

To eliminate downtime, iNetwall link aggregator networks can utilize redundant systems and failover mechanisms that automatically switch to backup servers if the primary server goes down. This ensures that users can continue to access the network even if there are technical issues.

Improving performance can also involve optimizing the network’s code and database structures, implementing caching mechanisms that store frequently-accessed content on the server or in users’ browsers, and utilizing modern web technologies like HTTP/2 and server-side rendering to reduce load times and improve the user experience.

Ensuring business continuity is also critical for iNetwall link aggregator networks. This involves having disaster recovery plans in place in case of unforeseen events such as natural disasters, power outages, or cyber attacks. It may involve implementing backup systems in geographically diverse locations, as well as regularly backing up data to secure offsite locations.

Finally, improving network agility, visibility and control is important for iNetwall link aggregator networks to ensure they can rapidly adapt to changing traffic patterns and maintain optimal performance. This can involve utilizing advanced network monitoring and management tools to detect and diagnose issues in real-time, as well as implementing load balancing mechanisms that distribute traffic evenly across multiple servers.

By implementing these strategies, iNetwall link aggregator networks can deliver fast and reliable service to their users, while also ensuring business continuity and maintaining visibility and control over their network infrastructure.

iNetwall LA

iNetwall HSIA – Mini/Medio/Grande

iNetwall offers a wide range of features that enable next-generation wireless networks, smart devices, and applications for guests and visitors in various locations, including hotels, residential apartments, resorts, schools and college campuses, hospitals, banks, and shopping malls. Some of the key features of iNetwall include:

  1. Multi-WAN Capability: iNetwall can support multiple internet connections, allowing for better load balancing and failover protection.
  2. High Availability: iNetwall is designed to provide uninterrupted service, even in the event of a hardware or software failure.
  3. Advanced Customization for Landing Pages: iNetwall provides a flexible platform for creating and customizing landing pages for guests and visitors.
  4. Integration with Employee Database, Active Directory, IEEE 802.1x Authentication, SMS API: iNetwall can integrate with various databases and authentication protocols, including employee databases, Active Directory, IEEE 802.1x Authentication, and SMS API.
  5. Bandwidth Throttle: iNetwall can throttle bandwidth usage for specific users or applications to ensure that network resources are used efficiently.
  6. SSH Brute-Force Protection: iNetwall provides protection against SSH brute-force attacks.
  7. Advanced QoS: iNetwall offers advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features, allowing administrators to prioritize network traffic and ensure that critical applications receive the necessary resources.
  8. DHCP over Layer 3: iNetwall supports DHCP over Layer 3, allowing for greater flexibility and scalability.
  9. Session Tracking: iNetwall can track user sessions and provide detailed reports on user activity.
  10. Additional DHCP per VLAN: iNetwall supports additional DHCP per VLAN, allowing for greater network segmentation and management.
  11. Customized Bulk Ticket Creation: iNetwall provides a flexible platform for creating and managing bulk tickets.
  12. Policy-Based Restriction: iNetwall can apply policy-based restrictions to specific users or groups, allowing for greater control over network access.
  13. Upgrade limited bandwidth to higher bandwidth for online users (Free plan to paid plan): iNetwall allows for seamless upgrades for users who require additional bandwidth.
  14. Deny Roaming between VLAN: iNetwall can deny roaming between VLANs to ensure that users are restricted to specific areas of the network.
  15. Multiple PMS Posting: iNetwall can post to multiple Property Management Systems (PMS) simultaneously.
  16. Tickets delete upon Guest Checkout: iNetwall can automatically delete tickets upon guest checkout.
  17. No. of devices connected by room wise: iNetwall can provide detailed reports on the number of devices connected by room.
  18. PMS Whitelisting: iNetwall can whitelist specific PMS systems for seamless integration.
  19. Show connected users device list after success login – Voucher Code / PMS / SMS: iNetwall can display a list of connected devices after successful login.
  20. Time delay Captive portal for Android phones: iNetwall can apply a time delay to captive portals for Android phones.
  21. Hostname Binding: iNetwall supports hostname binding for greater network security.
  22. Splash Page Editor: iNetwall provides a user-friendly interface for creating and editing splash pages.
  23. Login Reports: iNetwall can provide detailed reports on user logins and activity.


It’s great to hear that the Mini comes with support for 500 concurrent devices and a standard throughput of 500 Mbps. It’s even better to know that it can be upgraded to support up to 1 Gbps throughput, which is a significant improvement in terms of network performance and speed. This upgrade will allow for even more concurrent users and faster data transfer rates, which is especially important in high-traffic areas such as hotels, airports, and shopping malls. With this level of capacity and speed, the Mini is an excellent choice for organizations looking to provide reliable and fast Wi-Fi access to their guests or customers.



The iNetwall-Medio gateway is a great option for smaller visitor-based networks that require access and bandwidth management. It is particularly suited for small-to-medium-sized venues, such as hotels with up to 500 rooms, that want to provide reliable and fast internet access to their guests. With four configurable WAN/LAN copper ports, the Medio can support up to 1,000 concurrent devices in its base configuration, and its standard throughput is 500 Mbps. However, it is possible to upgrade the standard throughput to 2.5 Gbps if needed.



The iNetwall-Grande gateway is designed for mid-to-large venues that require support for thousands of simultaneous devices. It is a high-performance gateway that allows for the creation of a high-speed visitor-based network (VBN).

The iNetwall-Grande offers the flexibility to support anywhere from 1K to 10K devices, making it a great solution for hotels, resorts, hospitals, and other large venues. With a throughput of up to 6 gigabits per second, it can handle growing bandwidth demands while still ensuring an optimal guest experience.