Nowadays, providing a reliable and easy-to-use guest WiFi service is essential for hotels and restaurants. Customers expect seamless access to the internet, while the operator needs a tool that can help them use the guest network login as a communication and marketing tool. The iNetwall offers flexible interfaces with hotel software, PMS, and other customer data systems/CRM, enabling the operator to deliver an ideal user experience while gaining maximum insight into the customer journey.

Guest WiFi goes beyond providing internet access; it also involves handling fluctuating user numbers, easy login, and intelligent distribution of bandwidth. As the operator, you want to add value to the free service you offer. With iNetwall, you can create an attractive login page that includes a wide range of options, such as marketing and communication tools. You can automatically redirect guests to offers, event information, menus, survey pages, etc., after a set time to maximize engagement and customer satisfaction.


As an employer and WiFi operator, it is important to consider the security of your company’s network if you allow employees to use personal devices to connect to your WiFi. With the iNetwall, you can easily implement user and bandwidth management, as well as create various VLANs to seal off certain areas of your network.

Allowing employees to use personal devices for communication purposes can raise concerns about the use of sensitive data or potential network security issues. With the iNetwall, you can create a separate guest access that allows you to control access to certain areas, assign specific time windows, data volumes, and bandwidths to each user, and block individual areas or pages using the Application Control module. This way, you can ensure that sensitive data is kept secure and prevent potential network security issues. Additionally, you can allow email access while blocking video streaming or other potentially distracting activities.


Wireless internet is becoming an important requirement in healthcare facilities. Patients, residents, and visitors expect to have access to WiFi services. However, in order to ensure patient data privacy and security, it is important to choose the right WiFi solution.

iNetwall provides a secure and reliable WiFi solution for healthcare providers. The system can be easily integrated with existing healthcare systems and databases, enabling secure authentication of users. Patient data is protected with the Privacy Toolkit feature. The system also allows administrators to control access to different areas of the facility, ensuring that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized personnel.

iNetwall provides an intuitive login page with customizable payment options and ticket groups for different classes. For long-term residents, personalized monthly quotas can be defined. This means that healthcare providers can provide high-quality WiFi services that meet the needs of their patients and visitors, while also ensuring that data privacy and security are not compromised.


As more and more businesses rely on WiFi for their operations, the need for a reliable and secure network becomes increasingly important. The iNetwall provides a solution for businesses to manage their WiFi network effectively, ensuring that all users can connect without any issues. With the ability to control user access and bandwidth, businesses can ensure that their network remains fast and efficient, even during periods of high traffic.

In addition, security is a top priority in this segment, especially for companies that handle sensitive data. The iNetwall provides advanced security features that help to prevent unauthorized access to the network, and ensures that all data transmitted over the network is encrypted and secure. With the option to create separate guest networks, businesses can ensure that their internal network remains secure and private.

User authentication is also a key feature, as it allows businesses to keep track of who is using their network and when. This helps to prevent unauthorized access and ensure that all users are following the company’s WiFi policies. With a variety of login methods available, including integration with existing databases and CRMs, businesses can choose the option that works best for them. The optional Login API module provides even greater flexibility, allowing businesses to create a custom login page that matches their branding and design.


WiFi access is becoming increasingly important for all types of public areas, such as parks, museums, libraries, Schools and other similar places. The iNetwall solution offers easy-to-use and manage WiFi access that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each location.

With iNetwall, you can easily set up free WiFi access for visitors to your public area, or offer more advanced access options for those who need it. The solution includes features like user authentication and content control, which can help keep your network secure and ensure that visitors are only able to access appropriate content.

Whether you are a museum, library, or other public institution, iNetwall can provide you with the WiFi access you need to meet the needs of your visitors. Our solution has been used successfully by a wide range of public institutions and organizations, and we are confident that it can help you too.